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Chipotle was the writing guest of honor at EuroFurence 14 and at the very first Anthrocon, and is the author of a short story collection, Why Coyotes Howl, published by Sofawolf, and the novella "Indigo Rain," published by FurPlanet. (Both are available in ebook form from Bad Dog Books.) He is also rumored to be on SoFurry development staff, and may have fixed a couple bugs you never noticed. species Coyote
from Silicon Valley, CA, USA
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Latest Journal posted 23 Jan 2014

"Indigo Rain" and the Ursa Majors

Nominations for the 2013 Ursa Major Awards are open through February 28th, and my novella "Indigo Rain" is eligible! This is the first time I've had something in the running since Why Coyotes Howl in 2005.

The nomination form is online; the process is a little clunky, but still fairly fast. This is for nominations only, not the the final voting; the top five stories will be on the final ballot.

You can read the first few thousand words of "Indigo Rain" in a two-part preview:

Part 1Part 2

(It's also available in my gallery here, of course!) And, you can buy the whole shebang here:

FurPlanet (print)Bad Dog Books (DRM-free ebook)

The ebook is also available from Amazon, Apple iBooks, the Nook Store, and Lulu.

And, last but not least, Sabretoothed Ermine's cover art is also eligible for a separate Ursa Major nomination as a "published illustration." Just, you know, saying.

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taoaliah 11 months ago
just finished "the gift of fire, the gift of blood" series, and i must say, that i am filled to bursting with awe, at your writing prowess.

where the hell is that watch button, where the hell is that friend button! like seriously!! >:O

the four tales seemed rather short for my taste, but it made up for it by being on par with some of the other quality work that i read from, say the likes of Eddie, or Squirrel, or Jeeves the roo, all are incredible writers in there own right.

to be honest, it takes alot to get me involved in a story, but yours is clearly a cut above the rest!

I do hope to see and read more from you, and i now have to search out the watch button.

Thank-you for your hard work on the sofurry site, but thank-you even more for your hard work in your writing, i hope that you continue, for...well fuckit, lets be brutal...

You have a talent for writing compelling, gripping and emotional writing... there, i fucking said it! >:3
Chipotle 11 months ago
Thank you very much!

And there will be more coming from me (and a few older ones are posted). I do tend to write short stories and novellas, and you're not the first one who's suggested I should write longer. I'll be trying. Someday. :)
Oryonhunter 1 year ago
Wowsa! I am soooo excited ta be on yer watch list! Thank ya!
RuthofPern 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch.
Dasher Cheetah 1 year ago
Hello! Thank you very kindly for the watch. *smiles*
Huskyteer 2 years ago
Hello! I found your roundup of furry writing venues on flayrah, and now you're my new stalkee. Thanks for watching back!
Toumal 2 years ago
Ah yes, a virgin shoutbox. *scrabbles all over it with crayons* ^^